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John Gollings: The history of the built world

John Gollings: The history of the built world

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– Limited signed copies available –


To coincide with MAPh’s travelling exhibition we are thrilled to present this stunning publication - John Gollings: the history of the built world - designed by Pidgeon Ward.

John Gollings is Australia’s pre-eminent photographer of the built environment. For the past 50 years he has been synthesising his joint interests in photography and architecture to explore the cultural construction of social spaces. The publication showcases Gollings’ documentation of the built world, drawing together architectural forms that compare and contrast ancient and contemporary forms. What becomes apparent is that the echoes of the past continue to influence the architecture of the present.

‘The most exciting thing I can do in life is to look at a building and decide on the one definitive angle to photograph it from. I’m particularly thrilled for this exhibition which includes modern architecture to be shown in India. Photographing Hampi’s ancient buildings was the foundation to understanding modern buildings.’ -

— John Gollings

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