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Frida Kahlo Paper Dolls

Frida Kahlo Paper Dolls

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A pioneer not only of the art but also the fashion world, Frida Kahlo is beloved for her signature portraits and the bold, innovative clothing she wore in them. This fabulous paper doll set features Frida and 30 of her signature ensembles. Bilingual explanatory captions contextualise how and when she wore each outfit. Also includes a bonus paper doll of husband Diego Rivrera complete with two outfits of his your child first words and is ideal for little learners who are curious about the world around them.

The only paper doll set to feature the iconic 20th century artist Frida Kahlo and her iconic garments.; Frida is a perennial favourite among casual art lovers, feminists, hipsters, museum-goers and elite art buffs alike. This first and only Frida paper doll set captures Frida's irresistible fashion sense in a playful, impulse-priced format.; One of the most loved artisits of the 20th century, Frida Kahlo continues to headline at museums.

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