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CLUEDO: Robbery at the museum

CLUEDO: Robbery at the museum

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Mr. Boddy has hired you to take part in a heist! The mission? Steal 6 priceless exhibits from the museum, then get out and get paid. But someone in your crew is a traitor! You and your fellow players are put to the test: Work together to escape the museum before the guards come, and figure out who betrayed everybody, what they stole, and where they hid it. The Cluedo: Robbery at the Museum Escape & Solve Mystery board game offers classic Clue characters and a reimagined mystery to solve in an escape room game.

1 x Secret Envelope
6 x Plastic Pawns
1 x Secret Object
8 x Gameboards
1 x Game Guide
117 x Cards

1- 6 players
Ages 10+

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