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Built Photography + Hollow catalogue

Built Photography + Hollow catalogue

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This publication that acts as a compendium to the works in Built Photography and Hollow, augmenting the exhibition with artist bios, extended texts, imagery and an interview between Izabela and Kiron that in itself becomes a construction of prose.

Built photography proposes a conversation between photography’s material, its surface and form and especially its objectness, against which the flatness of the photographic plane is interrogated. Through processes of ‘inflation’, photographs disrupt the two-dimensional surface to complicate the spatial relationship between the content of an image and its physical form.

A built photograph becomes a three-dimensional proposition that can be twisted, torn, pulled apart, pierced, stripped and exposed. It’s a process of investigation: how can the traditional reading of a photograph – through its two-dimensional representative function – be extended, and what happens in the acknowledgement of the objectness of the materials involved in the creation and display of the photograph?

The exhibition features newly commissioned works as well as loaned works by artists who speak to an intrinsic photographic condition of surface and flatness while simultaneously resisting it.


Jack Ball
Trent Crawford
Jessica Curry
Lucas Davidson
Damian Dillon
Jacqueline Felstead
Janina Green
Luke Parker

Kiah Pullens
Jacky Redgate
Talia Smith
Katrina Stamatopoulos
Andrew Tetzlaff
Marian Tubbs
Skye Wagner
Grace Wood

HOLLOW - As artists, academics and curators, Izabela Pluta and Kiron Robinson work across photography, sculpture, installation, and video. Both artists bring an experimental methodology to their practice – whether that be through scanning, layering, cropping, altering or rephotographing – preferring to work in a controlled studio environment to bring new meaning to existing photographs.

In this exhibition both Pluta and Robinson explore their own and public archives which are then decontextualised and recontextualised to bring past ideas into a contemporary context. For the curators of Built photography, Hollow playfully capsizes the idea of being built and examines the emptiness that can lie underneath the surface of a photograph.

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