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Bruce Postle: Entertainers

Bruce Postle: Entertainers

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For more than five decades and during the Golden age of press photography, Bruce Postle captured significant moments in Australian life. His collection of over 60,000 images is a national treasure chronicling the highs and lows, tragedies and triumphs, and heroes and villains have given Australia its unique character.

Entertainers presents 180 of Bruce Postle's greatest images portraying the Australian and international acts that have lit up our stages for half a century. From Bill Haley and the Comets' first show in Brisbane in 1952 to Lisa McCune wowing crowds in The Sound of Music, Entertainers is your access-all-areas pass to a uniquely Australian extravaganza.

Bruce Postle is a multi-award winning photojournalist. His collection of over 60,000 images provides an illustrative record of the nation’s social, political and sporting history over the past 50 years. Bruce was involved with newspapers for most of his working life. His assignments have taken him all over Australia, while his enthusiasm for getting ‘the right shot’ has taken him into many a tight spot.

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