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Darren Sylvester: Compass point

Darren Sylvester: Compass point

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Darren Sylvester, known for his stylised constructed tableaux images redolent of pop culture takes a very different approach in his book Compass Point. In the 1970s and 80s Compass Point Studio, located on the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas, was recognised as one of the great music facilities in the world producing music with a particular sound - that of luxury, decadence and sophistication. Artists such as Grace Jones, Roxy Music, Robert Palmer and Talking Heads all made seminal albums here. Prompted by rumors that the studio was about to close, Darren Sylvester - a recording musician himself - decided to venture there before it was all over, wanting to focus on the landscape that surrounds the studio as a myth-making and myth-destroying exercise. He wanted to see and convey the same views that musicians who recorded there would see when seeking inspiration.

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