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Skimming Stones

Skimming Stones - Plate MELBS

Skimming Stones - Plate MELBS

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The small and lovable city of Melbourne is famous for its unpredictable weather, night-life, love of sport, street art, laneways, fine coffee, friendly and diverse people. Originally named Batmania, Melbourne has the largest tram network outside of Europe and highest number of restaurants per person. Commonly ranked the world’s most livable city, locals call their home town ‘Melbs’.

What is Mamezara
In Japanese, mame originally means beans, that signifies tiny/small, zara means dish. The Mamezara plates have been admired in Japan, and due to the vast array of designs, these plates are especially popular with collectors.

. Inspired and designed in Australia + crafted in Arita, Japan
. Made using a 400 year old tradition
. Arita porcelain
. Traditional cobalt blue
. 10.5 cm diameter
. For display or to serve
. Dishwasher and microwave safe
. Comes with matching gift box

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