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Robert Gordon

RG x BROMLEY - Rectangular platter ol bird

RG x BROMLEY - Rectangular platter ol bird

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Australia’s favourite artist David Bromley and cherished potter Robert Gordon collaborate to bring you this collection. Bromley’s iconic paintings of whimsical butterflies, birds and children come to life on Robert Gordon’s ceramics for every Australian home to love. This unique partnership, marked as one of Australia's finest, is brought to you by two renowned creatives.  

  • Artwork by renowned artist David Bromley
  • 32.5CM / 19CM
  • High Fired stoneware
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

About Bromley

David Bromley (born 1960 in Sheffield, England) is an Australian artist best known for his painting and sculpture, in particular his portraits, and his paintings of children, birds, butterflies and female nudes. He began his career in Adelaide as a potter. He has exhibited widely in Australia, and also in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, and has been a finalist at the Archibald Prize six times.
In May 2013 Bromley married Yuge Yu and they formed Bromley & Co.

Bromley takes inspiration from childhood books, popular culture and artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Glen Baxter. He makes use of layering and texturing techniques while employing mediums such as metallic paint and leaf combined with black outlines on bold colours.

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