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Bon Parfumeur - Eau de Parfum 901

Bon Parfumeur - Eau de Parfum 901

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Nutmeg, almond, patchouli

A very fresh top note accompanies the bitterness of grapefruit, and the heat of its spices meets woody tones, almost vanilla-like in their softness. The bottom note opens onto more sensual hints of leather and the spice deepens, inviting curiosity as the fragrance evolves.


Head: Mandarin Grapefruit Ginger

Heart: Black Pepper Chilli Blond Wood Nutmeg Almond

Background: Patchouli Musk Tonka Bean Vanilla

Parisian Perfumer, Bon Parfumeur, offers a broad range of fragrances elaborated freely by passionate perfumers. Each Bon Parfumeur fragrance has a three digit name. The initial number indicates the olfactive family of the perfume, among the ten proposed olfactive families. The three notes that most define each scent are also named on the label. 

30ml bottle

Please note: This product does not ship to Tasmania, or outside of Australia.

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